Niani Finlayson called the Los Angeles Police Department and asked for help. Finlayson told the Department that her boyfriend wouldn’t leave her alone and she needed someone to come over. When the police arrived somehow, instead of being protected Niani Finlayson was murdered by Deputy Ty Shelton. This same deputy killed an unarmed black man three years earlier in a similar situation. Charges were never filed in that case. Leaving Deputy Ty Shelton the opportunity to kill someone else.

The police claim that Finalyson was holding a knife and screaming at her boyfriend when they arrived. They claim she grabbed her ex-boyfriend and was about to stab him for pushing her 9-year-old daughter.

Niani Finlayson’s mother denies these claims and states that her daughter was unarmed. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department claims that they will release video footage next week. The Finlayson family has filed a 30 million dollar claim, and the District Attorney has yet to decide if they will file charges.

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