Before we begin, I want to start by saying not all black men cheat. However, there is a percentage of us who do cheat for various reasons. It is important for the person who has been cheated on to understand why this has happened. This is not to say that they should accept the behavior, but unfortunately, the victim’s behavior can contribute to the unfaithful person’s actions. With that being said let’s jump into three reasons why black men cheat.

Moral System

A person’s moral system plays a big role when it comes to cheating. Our moral system is directly tied to our character. With that said there’s no way we can attach ourselves to someone whose moral system isn’t intact, and peacefully coexist. People will always tell you who they are. All we have to do is listen and observe. I once went on a date with a female who told me(with a stone face) that if she ever caught aids she would give it to as many men as possible, I took what she said literally and asked myself “Was this someone I wanted to attach myself to? I felt our moral system didn’t line up and knew that would be our first and last date. If we don’t don’t pay attention to a person’s value system we set our set up for failure.

Not satisfied

A man not being satisfied could influence whether or not he cheats. Now before I go further we must understand that some people are never satisfied, if you give them a thousand dollars they come back and say you should’ve given them two thousand. That’s called being unappreciative. I suggest never waste time with unappreciative people. I’m specifically talking about those who feel they lack something in the relationship. If there’s a void he may try to fill it. So do your best to make sure there are no voids or you will suffer the consequences. Remember both people are responsible for trying to make the other person happy. Make sure you’re doing your part, and if the relationship doesn’t work, at least it’s not on you.

You keep allowing it.

I think the biggest reason why black men cheat is because some women simply allow it. When we’re in love we like to give the other person the benefit of the doubt however, that doesn’t mean we should walk around with blinders on. I have a saying that goes “You get what you accept” A person can not cheat without there being signs. We can ignore those signs as much as we like, but the truth will eventually back us in the corner.

I challenge women to ask themselves what is the penalty for a man cheating on me. If there are no consequences, why shouldn’t he do it? I have had women complain about their men consistently cheating, but when asked “Why don’t you leave” They tell me how much they love him, how long they have been together, or how they have kids together. I then ask if he doesn’t respect all that, why should you?