A local non-profit basketball program based in Bridgeport, Connecticut recently organized a 4-week free basketball tournament. The organization, called the Bridgeport Ballerz, is a free travel basketball team that aims to help local boys and girls become collegiate athletes.

Recognizing the high cost of playing AAU basketball, the program decided to organize an in-house basketball league for kids who may not be able to afford AAU basketball or who need to work on their skills and development.

During registration, a $25 donation was requested, but the founder of the Bridgeport Ballerz, “Coach Rob,” said, “Several kids came to me and said, ‘Coach, I don’t have the $25.’ So, in that case, what was I supposed to do? I gave them a shirt and placed them on a team.”

Everyone who participated in the tournament walked away with either a trophy or medal. But most importantly they all walked away with a smile on their faces.