Aqil Davidson is the lead rapper of the group Wreckx-N-Effect, which was formed out of Harlem. One year after getting started the group gained popularity with their chart-topping song “New Jack Swing”. In January 1993, their single “Rump Shaker” reached number 2 on the Billboard Top 100. This song came off the “Hard or Smooth”, album which was a multi-platinum success. Lead rapper Aqil Davidson produced, wrote, and was featured on records from several notable artists like Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, MC Lyte, MC Hammer, and Guy.

Aqil had achieved great success, but he never forgot his childhood friend Troy Burgess. Troy was like a big brother and a mentor to him and his elder brother Idris. In 1986, Troy was arrested at the age of 16 and eventually served 21 years in prison. Despite barely being teenagers themselves, Aqil and Idris stepped up and became part of Troy’s support system. They visited him, accepted collect calls, and sent him money and packages.

When Troy was finally released it was the Davidson brothers waiting for him outside those prison gates. Having spent the majority of his life behind bars, Troy immediately found work and became productive in the community. The last time I spoke to Troy, he was holding down two jobs, and helping Aqil with some of his endeavors.

In December 2023 I received a phone call informing me that Troy had passed away. I immediately contacted Aqil. During our conversation, I realized how deep his bond with Troy was. That conversation inspired me to put this story together with the hope that Aqil and Idris don’t mind that I’m doing so. I just felt the need to acknowledge these brothers and give them their flowers while they were still alive.

Rest In Peace, Troy

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