During a game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Utah Jazz, Kyrie Irving, the star guard for the Dallas Mavericks, was reportedly greeted with signs that read “I’m Jewish and Proud.” a local Rabbi, who is a season ticket holder, and his brothers attended the game to distract Kyrie. It is unclear why the Rabbi and his brothers chose to attend this particular game, but according to reports, they were there to send a message to Kyrie Irving.

On October 27, 2023, Kyrie Irving shared a tweet about a movie that some people considered to be antisemitic. I tried to watch the movie, but I fell asleep only 15 minutes into it. So I cannot say for certain whether the movie is indeed antisemitic or not, but I can say it’s anti-staying awake.


Anyway, when reporters questioned Kyrie as to why he retweeted the movie and wanted him to denounce the movie as anti-semitic. Kyrie’s stance was I didn’t make the movie so why should I have to denounce it? This statement got a lot of people angry and the team that Kryie was playing for at the time (Brooklyn Nets), suspended him. Months later Kyrie Irving asked for a trade out of Brooklyn and the Nets traded him to Dallas.

Since the incident, Kyrie Irving has had no trouble and just wanted to move on with his life. However, this Rabbi and his band of brothers came to the game for the sole reason of being a distraction. It’s sad how Kyrie has no one to run to his aid and demand an apology from these bullies, the same way he had to apologize to their community.

These bullies came to Kyrie Irving’s job just to be a distraction. After the game, they had the nerve to justify, why they brought the signs to the game. When Kyrie Irving sent out the tweet, he was accused of being insensitive, but I guess someone coming to your job with a sign that’s meant to antagonize you, isn’t.

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