The United States Navy has recently announced that it will allow individuals to join without a GED or High School diploma. Under this plan, recruits without a High School diploma will be eligible to join if they score 50 or higher on the qualification test.

The US Navy, states that more than 2,400 people were turned away because of a lack of education. The United States Navy’s goal was to recruit over thirty-seven thousand people last year but missed their goal by over six thousand.

The recruitment goals of the U.S. Air Force and Army were not met, which is attributed to America’s foreign policies. It appears that many millennials are dissatisfied with the U.S. government and are not willing to enlist. On the other hand, the United States Navy claimed that their recruitment centers and schools were closed during the pandemic, resulting in a decline in enrollment. However, it is unclear why enrollment continues to be affected three years after the pandemic ended.

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