New York city Eric Adams

New York City has one of the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world, but the city’s Mayor Eric Adams is worried about protestors coming down to Times Square and being disruptive. There have been several “Pro Palestine”‘ and “Pro Isreal” protests since the Israeli Army started bombing the Gaza Strip.

Which resulted in over 20 Thousand Palestinians being killed. Many consider this modern-day Genocide especially since the majority of the causalities are women and kids. However, Israel claimed that Hamas was hiding amongst the civilians, so they had to bomb the whole section.

Both sides have crashed, and the Pro Palestine protestors have been as disruptive as possible. So far they have shut down streets, bridges and most recently Grand Central Station.

The Police Department and Protestor have clashed on several occasions and Mayor Eric Adams is planning on putting extra patrol and even undercover police amongst the Protestor should they come to Times Square on New Year’s Eve.