During a segment on ESPN, Stephen A. Smith criticized Stephen Curry’s leadership skills due to his teammate Draymond Green’s behavior.

“I understand that Steph Curry is not a vocal leader. I get that,” ” “But if this were a teammate of LeBron James, we’d be all over LeBron James. ‘Where’s the leadership? Where’s he at? What kind of impact is he having?’ I don’t think we should be holding Steph Curry to lesser standards”.

After reading this quote, it seems that Stephen A Smith believes that criticizing Steph Curry for something that Draymond Green did is the solution to the problem. However, Draymond Green is a grown man who is capable of making his own decisions. It makes me wonder how Stephen A Smith manages to involve Steph Curry in the Draymond problem. True leadership is demonstrated through action, not just words. Therefore, if Smith thinks that Steph Curry was supposed to confront Draymond in person for his actions, he is mistaken.

Steph Curry is not a part of the management team or an owner of the Golden State Warriors. His role in the team is to play basketball, not to confront his teammates. It’s quite perplexing how Stephen A. Smith always manages to find flaws in black athletes, even when there are no faults to be found. He claimed that if this incident involved a teammate of Lebron James, “We’d be all over him,” but unfortunately, Stephen A. Smith “That’s the problem right there”.

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